L2P Blog – Issue #1

Jan 11, 2021

From Go to Whoa

75 hours of practical driving and completing a Hazard Perception test, as well as fulfilling the 12 months of driving is no mean feat.

To add to that, the P Licence Practical Test is a far jump from what many of us had to complete those many years ago when we were young.

While Mentors act like mums and dads giving their child practical driving experience, we have gone that extra bit in many cases taking them too many towns and cities outside the Murraylands.

Frequenting a ferry or driving the Freeway or learning how to control a car on a wet and muddy dirt road is all part of the experience for our learners.

January is going to see several of our young drivers receive their P Licence and Certificate.

The 2020 L2P Raffle

What a success! Printed 400 tickets and practically sold out three weeks early.
The winners are: Tenor Ukulele D Biddle;

Longriders pillion ride for two – C Aspel; V8 Hot laps – J Heward;
Drakes voucher – M Gibbons; Bunnings voucher – R Pink.

L2P is extremely grateful to all our sponsors and supporters who make our Community Activity more worthwhile and rewarding for both our mentees and mentors.

The Making of a Ukulele

Bob Martin besides being a part of the L2P Administration is also a true artisan. As a hobby Bob made from scratch the ukulele we raffled.

Sam Cozens from the Ukulele Orchestra tested it out as did Peri (MB News) and several others, the interest shown has wetted our appetite for future development.

Community Dollars

Drakes are strong supporters of The L2P Program. Our L2P Murraylands key tags have been welcomed at several Drake Supermarkets in South Australia
besides Murray Bridge.

Contact us if you would like one.

Community Support

While receiving support from various fellow associations and groups, our young mentees have shown their appreciation by helping others in return.

Recently a small group helped tidy up the Vinnies Op Shop grounds and front wall. They say charity starts at home and that’s just what was achieved.

From peeling paint to a fresh look.