L2P Blog #2 – Graduation

Apr 27, 2021

Learner Drivers Graduation

In February the first of two L2P Graduations was held in Rural City of Murray Bridge’s Council Chambers. Ebony, Ella and Dylan having completed their 75 hours of the SA Graduated Learner Driver Scheme and passing the On Road Practical test received certificates from the Mayor, Brenton Lewis.

Murray Bridge online news was present and Dylan’s story was published. To read online, click here.

Three new P Licence drivers have joined the the Murraylands group – Caroline Rugbeer, Focus Rugira and Megan Von Rochow. Mayor Brenton Lewis presented them with their Certificate of Achievement at a ceremony held in the Council Chambers on Monday the 12th April.

Pictured with their Mentors and the Mayor L to R

Lesley Murray (Mentor); Focus Rugira; Terry Humphries (Mentor) Mayor Brenton Lewis; Megan Von Rochow; Caroline Rugbeer; David Trenam (Mentor) and Peter Sawley (Coordinator)

Supervisor Drivers BE WARNED.

The RAA recently released an article in their online samotor magazine that a simple motoring mistake could land a mentor in court. To read the story – click here.

The article pointed out that supervisory drivers who forgot to remove the L Plate while they are driving can be fined up to $1,250.00. While our car has the logo L2P it is not a recognised L Plate and does not meet the Australian standard as a road sign for learner drivers. Hence it does not break the law.

The major difference between a supervisory driver and an MDI driver is that MDI’s are by law allowed to display their L Plates irrespectively as to whether a learner is behind the wheel or not.

All Supervisory Drivers need to remove the two L Plates when they are the driver of a vehicle.

Wanting to know more?

You can catch up with some of the team on Saturday the 8th of May at the Bunnings (Murray Bridge) Sausage Sizzle.